Our approach

RHB phono preamplifier modify amp modsRHB Sound Dezign is committed to providing sound design improvements one amplifier at a time, at a very reasonable cost.

You have unique goals and aspirations for your system.  Each RHB modification is designed and hand-built to make those dreams come alive.

RHB doesn’t swap out parts and call that an upgrade.  Here, modifications begin with a consultation,  to find out what the listener wants, what the system may lack.  You will speak with Bob Backert, who has been modifying, studying and repairing amplifiers since the late 1950s.

Once we receive your unit, we will perform a holistic evaluation, listening extensively, and examining the signal path, from input jacks to output terminals.  Then Bob Backert will design an upgrade plan specifically for your preamplifier, ensuring that the design meets your goals.  Once the design is complete, Gary Backert builds each circuit board and each modification by hand, using the best components for that job.  Each unit is then tested extensively, before RHB performs the ultimate test – listening to the unit.

Our mods can be done in stages, doing as much or as little at a time as you desire.  Each amplifier receives our time, experience, talent and our commitment to bring it closer to your sonic perfection.

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