Conrad-Johnson Mods

At RHB Sound Dezign, we have probably modded more Conrad-Johnson amplifiers and preamplifiers than any other brand.  RHB Sound Dezign preamplifier mods power amp

There’s a reason for this – Conrad-Johnson units have a layout that is both more intuitive, and less physically cramped, than many other manufacturers.  This makes C-J an ideal brand for modding.  When our clients ask us, “What kind of preamp should I buy in order for you to do your best mod work?” — we usually answer with a Conrad-Johnson model.  While C-J units are truly of excellent quality, we believe that they can be improved further with even higher quality parts and with our proprietary designs, such as our patented GreenForce™ power supply, our JB Gold gain stage mod, and our high resolution regulator.

Not all Conrad-Johnson models are easy to mod, so we encourage you to contact us before you purchase.

Happy listening!