RHB phono preamplifier modify amp modsWho is RHB?

RHB Sound Dezign is owned and family operated by Bob Backert in Bucks County, Pa.  Bob Backert has been building tube preamplifiers and amplifiers since before stereo.  He has desiged, built and repaired tube equipment for many premier audio companies.  Gary Backert, thanks to his father Bob, learned his way around a work bench at an early age.  He is experienced in fine construction, equipment repair and mechanical work.

Why modify? Why not buy a new preamp or amplifier?

Listeners who have already invested in quality audio gear don’t need to discard a component they like in order to chase the dream of live-sounding music on a home system.  Many audio companies today are producing quality equipment.  But the marketplace forces manufacturers to make compromises.  RHB modifications eliminate those compromises.  Once you’ve heard an amplifier that can achieve dynamic linearity, we believe you will stop that audiophile equipment chase.

How much does this cost?

Like so many things in this world, that depends.  The extent of the work requested, the amount of time it takes and the design of the existing construction in your amplifier all impact the cost.  Since each modification is truly a custom job, the price varies from customer to customer.

But is this affordable?

Yes.  And not just by audiophile standards.  Compared to those price tags, what RHB Sound Dezign offers in terms of sound quality and craftsmanship is a flat-out steal.

How long does it take?

Again, that depends on the component and what the listener is looking to do.  RHB strives to do quality design and construction but knows just how hard it is to live without a stereo system.

What brands and models does RHB modify?

If it amplifies a signal using vacuum tubes and is hooked up to loudspeakers, chances are RHB has modified it or repaired it. Bob’s personal design and build experience stretches back four decades. RHB has modified or repaired most major high-fidelity components and maintains a file on each amplifier, allowing the company to build on its years of experience in custom modification.

What about my CD player?  My turntable?

RHB specializes in amplification. That means phono stages, preamplifiers and power amplifiers of all shapes and sizes.  While others focus on source components, RHB zeroes in on the heart – and muscle – of an audio system.  Clients are often amazed at how good their CD player or turntable turns out to be, after even the smallest of modifications by RHB.

What’s the process?

Contact RHB.  Have a free consultation with Bob to talk about your goals, your system.  RHB will then draft a modification plan that includes price estimates that you approve before the work is commenced.  RHB customers can chose to do as much – or as little – modification work as they please, depending on time and budget.  We extensively test all modifications.  Including with the most important instrument of all — our ears.  Every amplifier gets an extensive listening test both before and after modification.