Our mods / services

RHB phono preamplifier modify amp mods

RHB Sound Dezign takes your tubed preamp or phono pre and turns it into a dominating force, an unparalleled music machine that we are confident will make you very, very happy.

Here are the services that we offer:

GreenForce Power Supply Mod *Patented*   –  The only power supply in the world that is able to use all V-Cap capacitors.  Affordably.  Learn more

Our gain stage mod  –  Unlike any other amplifier circuit in the world.  Actually adapts itself to each brand of tube you insert.  Learn more

High Resolution Regulator Mod  –  A profound impact on sound quality using a radical design and virtually no capacitors.  Learn more

Custom Design Work  –  Our 50 years of experience means that if you need something for your amplifier, we can probably help.  Learn more

Other goodies  –  We often improve our client’s amplifiers by more conventional means.  Learn more

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