Our patented GreenForce power supply mod

RHB phono preamplifier modify amp modsBob Backert’s power supply modification is called GreenForceTM.  It is so innovative that when we showed it to a veteran electrical engineer, his reaction was, “Who thinks of this?”

GreenForce is patented because it is radically new and different.  One reason:  the way it uses capacitors.  Capacitors are like batteries.  They are the heart of any power supply, and they come in different levels of quality:

  • Highest quality capacitors:  “film and foil”
      • V-Caps, and other capacitors made from the material that makes your frying pan non-stick (best)
      • Polypropylene (very good)
      • Polyester (good)
  • Medium quality capacitors:  “ceramic”;  “tantalum”
  • Lowest quality capacitors:  “electrolytic”

Unfortunately, we can almost guarantee that your preamp’s power supply relies primarily on the lowest quality capacitors:  electrolytics.  These capacitors are not able to provide the exact power required by your music to make it sound live.  In short, they are poor-sounding.  They also contain toxic chemicals.  We thought, why not just use film and foil?  They sound much better, and they are free of toxic chemicals.  Seems like a win-win.

We are proud to announce that GreenForce™ eliminates the electrolytic capacitors in your power supply, replacing them with highest-quality, “green” film-and-foils.

Tubed preamps.  If your preamp is tubed, you can specify that your power supply will use the most exotic type of film and foil capacitor:  V-Caps, and similar capacitors.  In fact, GreenForce is the only power supply in the world that can use all V-Caps, or similar capacitors.  Affordably.  More affordable film-and-foil capacitors (like polypropylene) can also be used, and also sound great. 

Solid-state preamps.  These require bigger capacitors, so using V-Caps get expensive.  But you can still use other types of film-and-foil capacitors, such as polypropylene.  No other solid-state power supply in the world can do this.  

Because of this incredible advance in capacitors, and some other clever innovations that we aren’t going to discuss here, GreenForce provides more linear current for your preamp, which gives it a huge boost in (1) accurate dynamics (reproduction of “loud and soft”), and (2) rhythm.

  1. Dynamics.  GreenForce™ brings you much closer to true dynamic linearity.  You will immediately notice truly startling dynamic power.
  2. Rhythm.  One of our customers is a professional musician and has played the drums for 35 years.  When he first heard GreenForce in his preamp, he told us that he “went crazy.”  We are pretty sure this is a good thing.

You might wonder, why don’t all high-end amplifier manufacturers eliminate the electrolytic capacitors in their power supplies?  Beginning in 2012, if they use GreenForce, they now can.

Together with our high resolution regulator, GreenForce provides a literally unbeatable power supply for your preamp, phono preamp, or source component.

Learn more about GreenForce, here.