Tube rolling – time to really hear your tubes

RHB phono preamplifier modify amp modsOur unique circuit lets you hear the very best out of each tube you insert.  No other preamp in the world gives you this.

Every preamp “wants” certain operating parameters (voltage, current, etc.) in order to sound its best.  What many people don’t know about tube rolling is that changing tubes will always slightly alter these operating parameters.  Even different tubes of the same brand will change your preamp’s operating parameters.  And a preamp that does not have its exact ideal operating parameters will not sound its best, no matter how good a particular tube might be.

Our circuit automatically corrects this, so that your preamp will always have its ideal operating parameters, no matter which tube you insert.  The JB Gold circuit adapts by automatically adjusting the bias on each tube, each time you insert a different tube.  This causes that specific tube to generate the optimal operating parameters for your preamp.  Perfect bias, perfect voltage, perfect current.

With the JB Gold mod, every tube sounds its very best.

And that’s not all that JB Gold does for your preamp.  Learn more about JB Gold